Erin Feldman is a South Florida based graphic design artist specializing in branding development, identity design, and printed collateral. By daylight, she works for an automotive advertising agency, but when the moon comes out she's freelancing working side-by-side with businesses to create creative marketing solutions.

A graduate of Jacksonville University, Erin holds a degree in Graphic Design with a minor in English and Business. Her career includes a wide range of design experience from working with television media companies to advertising for clients with a wide range of needs for their business.

Well versed in building designs that drive sales, Erin dives into the minds of your customers, making sure to pay attentive detail to their needs. Doing so, Erin is able to establish and implement a strategy to make her clients’ business flourish.

When Erin isn’t designing you can find her busting obstacles at Crossfit or drawing comics. If you want to get in touch to redesign your brand, don't hesitate to shoot  an email.