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What is in a name?

Names literally define us. The name your given at birth. The name of the street you live on. The name of your cat. From day one you are labelled, and those you meet you define by those labels. The kid who beat you up will be forever associated with the name "David" or your best friend who did EVERYTHING for you as a kid will forever be attached the name "Hannah." A chair will always be a chair no matter the color, shape or material. Names are important especially when it comes to your business.

When starting a new business venture make sure your name is strong, gives a good message and makes sense. If you're selling newspapers something like journal or gazette makes sense, but wouldn't make sense if you sold pets. Now that doesn't mean your name has to to be literal, but make sure however you build your brand name it should be strong. Take for example Nike, Nike sells shoes, but they don't just sell shoes, they sell an idea. So Nike is the goddess of Victory. Nike is trying to relay when you wear your shoes you're buying the idea of being a better athlete with their product. 


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